When Love Takes Over

This morning as I sat on the World Trade Center bound E train during my commute to work, a lot hit me.

12 years ago today, the subway car probably looked very similar. People closing in on the end of their frustrating, rush-hour commutes to the wonderful city of New York. Some people were eager to begin their first day of work, some celebrating their last day, and some simply doing what they’ve been doing everyday for years. Some reading the newspaper, some checking over notes, some just happy their stop was next. Just as it was everyday. What they didn’t know was this was the last time they’d be doing this.

The last time they’d say goodbye to their husbands, wives, children, parents, siblings. The last time they’d pack their briefcases. The last time they’d almost be late to work. The last time they’d be sitting on this World Trade Center bound E train.

12 years ago today, one of the most horrible tragedies to hit the United States occurred. Over 46,000 innocent lives would be lost because of this day.

Siting on the same subway many were 12 years ago this same morning made me realize how precious life really is. You can’t take anything for granted. Tell those you love that you love them. Don’t let grudges get in the way of what life is really about, happiness.

Rest in paradise to all of the real-life super heroes who lost their lives due to this tragedy. I pray you’re all looking down and watching over your loved ones who continue to cherish your time here on earth.

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September 11th at 10:34 AM
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